Local Pet Product Made In Bangor Set To Go Global 

It’s been two years since Jenny Dwyer and her husband, Doug, launched their business, Mutt Nose Best.It started when Dwyer was looking for a balm to soothe her dog, Bandit’s, sun-burned nose.”I did people’s skin, so I set out in a mission to incorporate some of the natural ingredients that I used for people’s skin, and we started concocting some recipes in my kitchen sink, and it just grew from there,” said Dwyer.Now, Mutt Nose Best is going global.”We’re now in over 700 locations across the country, Puerto Rico. just this week, we’ve gotten inquiries all the way from Australia, wanting to know how they can get it over there. We’ve got New Zealand, and soon we’ll be in Russia,and Holland, so it’s crazy,” said Dwyer.”We were in two stores when I first came on, and now we’re here everyday, all day, making shampoo to get it out, so it’s just been amazing to see it grow, and I’m growing with it, and its becoming a career for me,” said Anna Henderson, Dwyer’s assistant and cousin.It should be a lasting career, too.It seems consumers just can’t get enough of their all-natural doggy cleaning products.”We use wild maine blueberries, organic maine oats, organic maine pumpkin, as many ingredients as we can incorporate into our formulas,” said Dwyer.This company is so green, that even the way they ship their products is all natural. They use edible packing peanuts made of corn, shaped like dog bones. “We put our blood, sweat, and tears into this product line. We handcraft every batch right here in Bangor. We hand bottle, we hand-labeled, we do it all with love. We really are proud and excited that people have been so excited with our venture,’ said Dwyer.For more information click on Your text to link…