Stonington Restaurant Boasts Local 

Growing up, she watched her father cook professionally.Now, Devin Finigan is following in his footsteps and making her mark on the town of Stonington.Joy Hollowell takes us to Aragosta.===Fresh is something Devin Finigan doesn’t take lightly. As chef and owner of the newly opened Aragosta restaruant in downtown Stonington, Finigan knows her customers expect local- from the lobster to the lemon custard.”We’re so fortunate to live where we live,” says Finigan. “We have amazing, local farms that produce amazing vegetables. And then the fishermen, I mean right off the boat.”Finigan worked for years as chef of the Blue Hill Inn. When the opportunity came to open her own place, she knew Stonington was a perfect match.”I ended up meeting my future landlord in the Boston airport while I was headed to Spain to go cook,” explains Finigan. “And the cards just started to unfold and it was seriously meant to be.Aragosta means lobster in Italian. Finigan smiles when asked just how much she goes through at the restaurant.”About 375 to 400 pounds a week. We are constantly picking lobster at Aragosta,” she answers.Her signature dish is butter poached lobster ravioli with citrus beurre blanc, lemon confit and farm greens. “I run out of it every night,” Finigan says.Aragosta opened its doors in June. Nearby merchants tell us it’s a welcome asset to downtown Stonington. As for Finigan’s dad, he can now be found in his daughter’s kitchen, helping her during the summer months. Finigan calls it a dream she hopes she never wakes up from.”Oh my gosh, I pinch myself every day especially when I come to work and there’s these huge schooners at the window that are setting their sails and they’re about to sail away, I feel like I’m living in this Stonington postcard,” she says, “It’s pretty great.”===Aragosta is located at 27 Main Street in Stonington. They are open for lunch Wednesday through Saturday and dinner Monday through Saturday.Sea glass jewelry made by Devin’s husband, Luke, is on display in the front of the restaurant. Finigan says they do take reservations and there is typically a waiting list for the dinner seatings.You can reach the restaurant at 367-5500 or log onto their website