‘Lumber Jills’ Challenge Locals 

Some competitive farm-hands looked to chop their way to the top in Windsor Monday. The 17th Annual Woodsmen’s Day drew quite a crowd at the fairgrounds during the morning. Events included chopping, sawing, log rolling, and axe throwing. The Bar Harbor based “Axe Women Loggers of Maine” brought their talents to the event. Alissa Harper and Michelle Morse of the all-female logging competition touring show looked to triumph over the local challengers. They say the equipment is just as important as their overall fitness. The group’s leader, Alissa Harper, admired her sponsor-created log rolling device and said. “So you roll the log with. These are special racing PV’s because you turn it over and then you can use the spikes to roll the log that way too. We all have chopping stands and logs in our backyards and, you know, axes on the coffee tables and the closets.”It has been a busy summer for the axe women. They’ve been performing at fairs four times a day.Last week, 5 of their 8 members walked away from the World Championships in New York with cash prizes.