Investigation Begins Into Bucksport Apartment Building Fire 

Fire crews from several towns were called out to battle a fire at a 10 unit apartment building in Bucksport yesterday.20 people were displaced…When crews arrived, according to Bucksport Fire Captain Pam Payson, not everyone in the building was accounted for. “Initially there was a report of someone inside, male thought that his son was in there. We had difficulty at first trying to keep him away from the building.””We were out,” said Estelle Vincent one of the residents of the apartment building. “I got a phone call that the house was on fire and my son was originally in the bedroom sleeping.””We did have our hose lines,” said Captain Payson. “And did eventually find that the son was out so everybody’s accounted for in this building.”Vincent called the fire, “Devastating, we just every picture, my kids are in sports, my son’s high school, we lost everything, every picture, every memory, pretty much everything we had is gone.”After putting out the flames, the fire crews stayed overnight here at 31 Main Street in Bucksport to make sure there were no more hotspots. Then first thing Monday morning, the Fire Marshal arrived to begin the investigation.”No idea at this point, State Fire Marshal is here at this time, so we really at this point don’t know,” said Captain Payson.”We did hear that there were a couple loud bangs,” said Vincent. “And the heater system was bad, so I’m not really sure. Thank God we weren’t home at the time, but just thank God we’re all safe.””There is a lot of water damage, obviously a lot of fire damage on the left hand side of the building, probably a total loss but who knows,” said Captain Payson.The Red Cross gave the families a place to stay and is helping them out with other necessities.A couple of pets died in the fire.