Freedom Man Invents Maine Arena Poker; Calls It The Next Evolution Of Poker 

Poker is the most recognizable card game on the planet. Now a man from Freedom says he’s invented the next evolution of poker.Phillip Duncan has been developing Maine Arena Poker for the past sixteen years in his spare time. It’s a game that’s amassed an underground following all over New England and he’s even made Governor LePage a fan. “I taught him the game in two minutes flat,” Duncan said.At first glance, it looks like an old fashioned game of five card draw or Texas Hold ‘Em. The formula Duncan invented can be adapted to any style of poker.Once the traditional game ends, dice are used by each player to “attack” the remaining cards as long as the players wish to continue the battle. It gives the player who lost the original hand a chance to win some of their money back. To turn it into a game for kids, you simply eliminate the gambling. Some of the decks Duncan has created feature famous characters from movies, cartoons etc. but he can’t sell those decks yet. He’s still working on getting the rights to use the actual characters on his cards. In the meantime, he uses his original drawings or whatever pictures fans of the game send him to make the playing cards.Duncan has a patent on the game, but says he doesn’t have the ability or the means to market it globally. He’s decided to auction off the rights to Maine Arena Poker to the highest bidder. His asking price may seem high but he thinks the whoever the buyer is is getting a steal.”I’m gonna auction it off to Hasbro or it could be Oprah. I don’t know who’s gonna bid, but I’m gonna start the bidding at $65 million. And that’s 99% of Arena.”Out of the one percent he’ll keep, he plans to donate $1 million, split three ways between the Halcyon House in Skowhegan, The Humane Society and the Maine Food Bank. He’s hoping his game will become the next family card game like Uno as well as a game played online or even one day in casinos.”There’s Texas Hold ‘Em and they sell Texas Hold ‘Em tins up here in Maine. Why not sell Maine Arena Poker down in Texas.?”For more information on how to play Maine Arena Poker you can visit