Bangor City Council Meeting Wrap-Up 

It was business as usual at this weeks Bangor City Council meeting on Monday night.A big topic of discussion on this week’s agenda, the revitalization of West Market Square.The first phase of a proposed series of projects is intended to improve the corridor between downtown and the City’s Waterfront.City Councilor David Nealley brought the $800,000 proposal to the table. $345,000 were TIF Funds budgeted from 2013, $255,000 from 2014 and $200,000 budgeted from sewer funds. The City agreed to move forward with the $455,000 utility part of the plan, to replace sewer and water lines for example, and hold the rest of the work for now.Council members also agreed to let Geaghan’s Brewery expand. TIMKA, Inc. Will develop a .78 acre parcel of land on Dutton Street for the purpose of expanding the brewery. As passed, TIMKA will pay $55,000 to the City and invest $1.5 million dollars into an expansion of the brewery operation including equipment, site work, and parking. The Council also accepted a $2,000 donation from the Discovery House and a $2,000 donation from Joseph Baldacci for the continuation of the Community Connector Odlin Road Bus Route through October 31, 2013.