Guard Soldiers Learn New Skills 

Hard work filled a classroom at the Maine Army National Guard 240th Regional Training Institute in Bangor, Sunday. “Right now they are working from the floor up and they’ve built the floor system, the wall, and now they’re doing the roof system on a building. By the time they’re done they should be able to do a building from the beginning to the end,” said Anthony Romano, course manager. The Guard soldiers from around the state are taking a course in masonry and carpentry as part of their advanced training”Well some of them it’s important for their job skills as far as getting promoted or their new job in the army,” said Romano.Others will use what they learn in their civilian lives.”As a homeowner , everyday. I mean there’s always something around the house that you could do. It just really is incredible,” said Staff Sergeant Nicholas Quint. Soldiers say the class is challenging and rewarding.”There’s a lot of mathematics and for me I don’t use math a lot in my day to day life,” said Quint. “I’ve done a little bit of work at home but this is definitely expanded my knowledge,” said E4 Specialist, Rachel Ellis.