Accident Backs up Summertime Traffic on Rt 1A in Holden 

Two people are being treated for minor injuries after a car accident in Holden.It happen on Route 1A around 9:45am on Friday.Holden Police said a Toyota Sequoia, headed for Brewer, rear-ended a Jeep. Four people were involved in the accident, a pair in each car.Two of those people were taken by ambulance to a local hospital complaining of neck pain. Traffic was detoured through Viking Lumber.Police tell TV5 that any accident on Rt 1A can back up traffic quickly during this time of year. Holden Police Lt. Chris Greeley said, “They say sometimes in the summertime 31,000 cars go down this road. Friday in August is a tough day for anything to happen here.”Police said both cars have substantial damage.Authorities believe one of the drivers may have been distracted, but Holden Police will investigate the crash.