Wyman’s of Maine Takes Steps Toward Sustainability 

It’s the busiest time of the year for blueberry picking and processing.During August, Wyman’s of Maine in Cherryfield will process more than a million pounds of wild blueberries every day. They’ve recently installed a new refrigeration designed to keep their berries frozen more efficiently, and environmentally friendly. Efficiency Maine made the change possible, providing $260,000 toward the new system. Wyman’s President and CEO, Ed Flanagan, says the system will keep their product at its best, and reduce their environmental footprint. “Efficiency Maine, with its incentive to do the right thing, to stretch yourself a little bit father and they’ll help you out… we’re going to get better quality by having this new refrigeration system,” said Flanagan.Wyman’s expects to save nearly a million dollars each year with the new system, and reduce its strain on the electric grid.