Social Security Celebrates 78 Years 

Many people may want to stop counting birthdays after a certain age, but Social Security is celebrating its 78th year and Maine AARP is proud of it. A spokesperson for the company said, despite what you may hear, social security is not in danger. Executive Council Member of AARP Maine, Roberta Downey, said Social Security can pay 100% of benefits for those 65 and older through 2037.After that, the program can support 75% of those benefits for another 50 years. Which is especially important in Maine, the oldest state in the country. Downey said “The percentage of older persons in growing, so without Social Security it would be very, very difficult for older persons to keep body and soul together.”Almost 300,000 Mainers receive Social Security. The Executive Council Member also said 25% of those people would have no income if it wasn’t for social security.