Passerby Saves UMaine Professor’s Life 

A University of Maine Professor lost his leg in a strange biking accident this past Sunday.Nathan Godfried was riding north on Route 2 in Passadumkeag when a blade sticking out from the side of a truck cut his leg. Erica Gagnon, a nurse, was driving by at the time and stopped to help. She used a beach towel to control the bleeding, and waiting with Godfried until an ambulance arrived. She says if she hadn’t been there, things could have turned out very differently. “Had I not been there, he may have bled out given the time frame from the time the accident happened, until the time the ambulance arrived. He wasn’t doing well when I was checking on him. He very well could have died,” she said. Gagnon says that she wanted to do everything she cold to help him, but insists she was just doing her job.”I’m very happy that I could help him, I don’t necessarily look at myself as a hero. I look at myself as I was there: I did what I was trained to do. Nurses save lives every day,” Gagnon said. Godfried was taken to Eastern Maine Medical Center where doctors amputated his leg. The hospital tells WABI TV5 he is in fair condition.