“Art in the Garden” Helps Feed Locals 

Organic growers shared their produce with with locals on Tuesday.”Art in the Garden” was held at Rogers Farm for the third time.The University Maine Cooperative Extension program hosted the event. The gathering gave the group’s “Master Gardeners” the chance to share the greens they’ve been planning to grow since March.There was music, live demonstrations, and food to eat too. The students in this summer’s certificate program planted a multi-purpose garden that they hope will do some good for their neighbors. “It really helps in the community for those who are in need and can have a meal from our fruits that we have grown,” said Cathy Rivers of the Master Gardeners program. “I feel grateful to U Maine and to this community for making this opportunity available to me because I know what I don’t know and I know what I do know and that is going to help me be a better farmer in my future,” said Farlin Black, and undergraduate farming students. Rogers Farms will be open again next Tuesday from 5:30 to 6:30 pm. That may be your last chance to grab fresh food from this summer’s harvest.