Ride in Honor of Fallen Maine Officers Collects Nearly $3500 to Support Families 

A motorcycle ride in Augusta Monday honored the lives of dozens of Maine law enforcement officers who went to work – and never came home. The Ride4Cops was in memory of the 83 officers who’ve died in the line of duty since the early 1900s.Former police officer Harry Herington is organizing the rides in every capital in the country.He says it’s a way to raise awareness about the dangers of law enforcement.The rides also raise money to support those left behind.Herington says, “A police officer’s biggest fear is that if something happens to me, who’s going to take care of my family? I challenge the community. It’s the community’s responsibility not only to support them financially but to support them emotionally with help that they need, support them as our neighbors, remember the sacrifice that their loved one gave.”Monday’s ride is one of nine events taking place this summer. Organizers say they collected nearly $3,000.The money will go to the local chapter of the group called COPS – short for Concerns of Police Survivors.