Pittsfield Woman Remembers Childhood Through Time Capsule 

Billie-Jo Eberhard was a Girl Scout back in 1988 when a time capsule was buried at Sebasticook Valley Hospital. She remembered being part of the celebration when she saw old pictures of herself online.”I was nine years old. I wouldn’t have turned ten until September. It was just funny that I was able to recognize myself in those pictures. All I remember is that we were coming to bury a time capsule. I don’t remember anything that was in it. I remember what it looked like and I remember being here,” said Eberhard. The time capsule contained t-shirts from the event, documents marking the date, and even the bill for the celebration dinner. “It was pretty exciting to read some of that information and the Girl Scouts were very much a part of that day,” said Terri Vieira, President & CEO of Sebasticook Valley Hospital. Like mother, like daughter, Eberhard’s daughter, Meghan, a Girl Scout herself, had mixed emotions about seeing her Mom as a Girl Scout around her age.”Really weird cause she kept on asking people who she thought was her in that picture and we all guessing wrong. It was cool to know that she was a Girl Scout,” said 10-year-old Meghan Reed.25 years later, the hospital has expanded, but some things have stayed the same.”It was nice to read how much the community was involved. I don’t think that’s changed a lot. We certainly don’t wear the same scrubs anymore. We have purple and blue and green, but that was very traditional back then,” said Vieira. The plan is to bury another time capsule in November and dig it up on the hospital’s 75th anniversary.”We hope with our new time capsule we will put in more things for people to really reflect on not just what the hospital was like, but also what the era was like at that time. Maybe an iPhone,” said Vieira. “I’d like to have my daughter involved. That would be really fun,” said Eberhard, who now is a Girl Scout leader. Meghan thinks it will be cool to share the same kind of moment, in 25 years, with her daughter.”Telling her about how I was a girl scout at the age,” said Reed.