Bangor Skate Park Could Move Again 

Bangor skateboarders might once again have to find another place to go. City officials want to move the park, which right now, is on Maine Avenue. The park was moved to the current location when the Cross Insurance Center was being built. Now, city officials want to move it to a better location. Skaters hope wherever the park ends up, that it will be upgraded. For now, they’re just glad they have a place to skate. ” We still make it work,” said Mike Cormier, a skateboarder. ” We try skating and making the best out of it,” said Gage Stewart, another skateboarder. ” Certainly we didn’t anticipate back in 2000, the concept of moving the skate park, but here we are once again having that discussion. Ultimately we’d like to be able to put it in a place where it can stay,” said Tracy Willette, director of Bangor Parks and Recreation Department. Possible spots for the skate park are Hayford Park and an area behind the pool off of Pine Street.