Plane Traveling from MA Makes Emergency Landing in Blue Hill, No Injuries 

Two Massachusetts residents’ day trip to Maine did not go quite as planned on Sunday morning as the plane they were in had to make an emergency landing.Fifty-year-old pilot Scott Morton of Worcester, MA and his forty-eight-year-old passenger Cheryl Rennie from Milburry, MA left Sterling, MA around 8:45am en route to Bar Harbor Airport in Trenton.They had planned to spend the day in Acadia National Park.The Hancock County Sheriff’s department says two hours into their trip the single engine Beechcraft Skipper Scott Morton was piloting began having engine issues.”They left with 30 gallons of fuel 15 gallons on each wing tank and the starboard tank ran out and the port side wing tank failed to bleed over so consequently the engine stalled,” said Deputy Sheriff Fred Ehrlenbach. Unable to restart the engine, authorities say Morton searched for a place to land the plane. He found a field growing Christmas trees off of Falls Bridge Rd. in Blue Hill. Hancock County Sherrif’s Department, Blue Hill Fire Department, and Peninsula Ambulance responded to the scene.”There was no injuries. They were just gathering their belongings and looking for transportation to Bar Harbor airport, so I provided that for them,” said Ehrlenbach. The cause of the mechanical failure has yet to be determined. The Federal Aviation Administration will investigate.”The pilot did an excellent job,” said Ehrlenbach. While this neighbor didn’t see the plane go down, he said he was surprised when he saw it landed across the street from his house.”Having been a long time pilot for many years, I could understand that they were a little bit shaken up, but they were fine. There were no cuts and bruises. They didn’t even need a band aid. He did an excellent job of putting the airplane down on the field. He did a little bit of damage to the nose wheel. It’s a beautiful day to fly as you can see. Too bad those things happen, but fortunately no one was injured,” said Philip Tanguay. Were the two going to continue their trip to Acadia? “They hadn’t determined that yet. They said it was early enough they might spend some time down there,” said Ehrlenbach. It was definitely not the trip to Vacationland they had imagined.