Speed And Sleds Combine For Grass Drag Racing In Medway 

No snow needed for snowmobilers Friday in Medway.The grass will do just fine for these racers.They’re getting ready for the 2nd Annual East Branch Sno-Rovers Grass Drag Races on Hathaway Road this weekend.Friday was testing and tuning day.Racers got a chance to brush the dust off their sleds and try out the 500 foot track.”Basically, guys are coming up that haven’t had the chance to try their sleds are going to test them, go back and tweak them a little more, so they can do what they want out of the sled,” said president of the club, Brian Willey.”This is our first day of testing. But, it takes 30 hours to get a sled ready to test and another ten hours of testing before you’re ready to go racing,” said Sylvain Laflamne, whose team is from Quebec.Many take a stock sled and make their own modifications, including using gas similar to jet fuel, like this Arctic Cat.”He’s run in the 140’s in a little over the four second bracket. It’s fun to watch. It’s exciting and a lot of noise. You get snowmobiling in your blood and you never get it out,” said Willey.It’s not just for the boys, either.Rene Fischer got into racing with her boyfriend.”I saw him going fast and I wanted to do it, too, so, I got into it then. It’s nice to beat the boys and come back and they’re all mad at you,” said Fischer.Admission for the races this weekend is $5.Kids under 12 get in free.