Lawmakers, Governor Agree on $150 Million Bond Package 

Lawmakers and Governor Paul LePage reached an agreement a bond package late Friday afternoon.Now, they hope Mainers will cast the vote come November.Both Democrats and Republicans said they are happy with the $149.5 million bond package. Lawmakers believe the money is fairly distributed between transportation, education and job creation.The education funding will be geared toward science- and technology-related improvements.The bond bill is an amended version of LePage’s transportation bond proposal. It breaks down like this: $76 million for highways and bridges, $24 million for port and rail improvements, $31 million for labs and facilities at Maine’s public universities and community colleges, $14 million for Maine’s National Guard armories and $4.5 million for a new science facility at Maine Maritime Academy.About two thirds of the bond money will improve the road infrastructure around the state. “A bridges portion and then the roads portion which is really just crucial that we continue an on-going effort to Maine our roads both in our urban areas and rural areas.””We’re just thrilled that everybody is at the table focusing on a bond proposal that really is about getting people back to work. It’s about job creation, it’s about getting people back to work. Construction season has come and gone we should have done this last June, but were doing it now and that’s a good thing.>The bond still has to be approved by the legislature. Lawmakers think plans a special session will take place before the end of August.