Men Charged with Triple Homicide and Arson in Court 

Two men accused of shooting three people and then burning their bodies inside a car a year ago were in court in Bangor today. Attorneys for Randall Daluz and Nicholas Sexton asked the judge for separate trials. Daluz also requested bail, which was denied. The attorneys say separate trials are necessary to ensure their clients get fair trials. According to court documents, Randall Daluz saw Nicholas Sexton shoot the third victim, Nicolle Lugdon. But police say they know, using cell phone records that Daluz lied about his location the night of the crime. According to the affidavit, an inmate at Penobscot county jail told police that Daluz said he was the one who killed Lugdon, because he wanted Sexton to trust him. The state is still deciding which testimony they will go off of. “Sexton picked him up, that he gets in the car, shuts the door behind him, and it wasn’t until there after that he really appraises and takes stock of the situation. He initially thinks that Mr. Borders and Mr. Tuscano were sleeping because he didn’t see any obvious signs of foul play, they just seemed to be slumped over. And as he explained, it wasn’t until the hysteria of Ms. Lugdon makes him kind of reprise the situation for what it was and he then saw a slight trickle of blood on one and kind of came to realize that she’s pleading for her sake that it’s very different than he expected,” Defense Attorney Jeff Silverstein said, recounting what his client said. Silverstein also tells TV5 he’s concerned with the possibility of one trial because the jury may associate his client, Daluz, with evidence presented against Sexton.Both attorneys Silverstein and Toothaker, for Sexton, say they’re expected to get a single trial but with two juries. The judge expects to decide by fall, and for the trial to be next spring.