Crosswalks to Become Flashier and Safer in Bangor and Brewer 

Crosswalks are soon to get a lot flashier in Bangor and Brewer.Nine rectangular rapid flash beacons are being installed.Eight in bangor. One in brewer.Most of them will be installed in busy areas in downtown Bangor, as well as at school crossings.The federal highway administration says the solar powered devices make a huge difference when it comes to pedestrian safety, but make sure to still look both ways before you cross.”You touch the button it activates it. The lights start flashing and it activates it so the vehicles know that someone’s going to enter the crosswalk. One thing I would caution is don’t give the pedestrians a false sense of security because even though these are flashing cars are still coming. If a car doesn’t stop, a car doesn’t stop even though it’s a law,” said Dianna Rice, Transportation Technician with the Bangor Area Comprehensive Transportation System. The Maine Department of Transportation gave Bangor two of the beacons as part of a safety program.Bangor Area Comprehensive Transportation System, along with the state, bought the other seven.Since they are solar powered, the city’s will only have to pay for the installation.