Scout Helps Animal Sanctuary 

An Ellsworth Boy Scout is doing what he can to help out animals in need. 12-year-old Isaiah Albert is vying for Eagle Scout. He’s constructing a quarantine building for Peace Ridge Sanctuary in Penobscot. The animal shelter needs a place to house the sick animals they are brought until they’re healthy. The shelter takes care of non-traditional animals like goats, ducks, sheep, calves, bunnies and chickens. Isaiah says the quarantine will be useful when the shelter gets a sick animal, “you could keep the other animals safe cause we don’t know if he would hurt anybody or not plus, he’d also keep diseases away from the healthy animals back at the actual sanctuary.” Sanctuary Director, Daniella Tessier says, “Isaiah, he’s really taken on a lot with this project it’s a really big project he’s doing a great job but he really needs more help from the community.”Peace Ridge Sanctuary currently has 130 animals, and expects to reach their capacity next year. To donate money to help Isaiah build the quarantine, here’s how you can reach him:Call: 667-7886Email: [email protected] also needs a bulldozer, gravel, an excavator and volunteers to get the construction going.