LePage Meets With Democratic Leaders; Bond Package Could Be Imminent 

Governor LePage said a meeting with Democratic leadership over a comprehensive bond package was productive and “lasted a little longer” than previous meetings with the majority leadership. LePage said after the meeting that a proposed package is in the works and he expects something will be done in the next few days.The governor met with members of the media outside the State House Wednesday morning and answered a wide variety of questions ranging from this morning’s meeting with House Speaker Mark Eves and Senate President Justin Alfond, to the rumored formal announcement from Congressman Mike Michaud that he will challenge LePage for the Blaine House next year.LePage said he told Eves and Alfond that he had two conditions on the bond package. It must be less than $150 million and he wanted it ready for voters this November so active duty military members could have the chance to vote.”The reason that’s important is, I think, that we cannot forget–in fact just last Saturday, we deployed another 150 people–we cannot afford not to allow them the opportunity to vote. They gotta get it done the next few days,” LePage said.The governor said he wasn’t sure of the details of the bond package, but says he’s confident after the meeting that it will be ready for November.”As long as it’s in the infrastructure base and it’s reasonable we will look at it.” LePage also addressed why members of his administration’s were a surprising no-show yesterday as the Appropriations Committee held a work session regarding the comprehensive bond proposal, saying it was his call. “The state is not going to be run by committees. It’s gonna be run by the Chief Executive of the state. I asked them, if you want any testimony from a commissioner…a simple letter to my office asking who you want to speak to will work. That’s all you have to do. They challenged me and nobody showed up. I attempted to speak to the Appropriations Committee on what I thought was very important and they did not allow me to speak. So therefore, of the Chief Executive Officer can’t speak than I’m gonna be a little tough on who goes up to speak. All they have to do is show courtesy. No problem. Send me a note and keep me in the loop. It doesn’t even have to be to me. Send a letter to the commissioner. As long as they c.c. me so that I know what’s going on I have no problem with that.”Jodi Quintero, spokesperson for House Speaker Mark Eves, said her office has no comment on the meeting.Congressman Mike Michaud said Wednesday that he will formally announce his gubernatorial candidacy tomorrow. LePage had little to say other than the fact that he’s not surprised.”I fully expected it…we knew he was in. No surprise there.”