Bangor Man Sharing Story And Spreading Awareness After Losing Wife To Rare Disease 

Ruby Nichols was born at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor.”We had the baby. I think she went into labor around like 1:30 in the morning before, and had the baby at like 9:30 that night. The baby came out completely healthy. And then, she stayed in the hospital for overnight, and we left the next day at two, and she was noticing some, little bit of swelling,” said Ruby’s father, Matthew Nichols.His wife, Heather, was suffering complications from an episiotomy.”And, the next day she woke up, and had a lot of swelling, and it was very uncomfortable, and she called the hospital, and they said to get in immediately. She got into the hospital, and then called me up, and then told me, ‘they’re going to make me stay, so you need to get up here,’” said Nichols.Over the next few days, Heather battled a rare, bacterial infection Nichols had never heard of.”The doctor said they she had necrotizing fasciitis,” said Nichols.After trying surgery to help save Heather, it seemed that they wouldn’t be able to get rid of the infection.”We all got to come around, and say goodbye and pray, and the baby got to see her, and then she passed,” said Nichols.Nichols wants to say thanks for all of the support that he and Ruby have gotten.”When I found out that Heather had passed away, I set up a fundraising account through this website called and our initial goal was $2,000 dollars, just to help with funeral expenses, and medical expenses, and we passed $2,000 in about an hour, and last time I checked, we were at about $11,500 an that all has to do with Matt and Heather. People love them,” said Stephen Parkhurst, a longtime family friend.Nichols and his family want to bring awareness to the disease.”But, we want more people to be aware that this is out there now. And, hopefully, maybe they can find a cure for it, down the road,” said Rose Woodward, Heather’s mother.For now, Ruby will be rocked to sleep every night by her dad, and loved by her grandmothers, family, and friends.