Rep. Michaud Discusses Veterans’ Employment 

A fair in Bangor for local veterans focused on two important topics today, unemployment and healthcare.“I came home one day and the next day I had a job,” says veteran Leo Duvay.That’s something that most Maine veterans can’t say.Congressman Mike Michaud addressed Bangor-area veterans and healthcare providers about the importance of getting those who’ve served back to work, Tuesday in Bangor. “We got to do a better job and part of that is to make sure that our veterans can provide for themselves, that there is life beyond carrying a rifle over in Iraq or Afghanistan and jobs is one way to do it,” Michaud said.Leo Duvay, a Korean War Veteran, was one of the vets at the Penobscot Community Health Care career and health fair. He says soldiers just returning home probably don’t know about these opportunities. “Well the young ones should have come to find out what’s going on and what’s available to them right now you know,” Duvay said. Michaud says the down economy has caused Maine to lose jobs in the last year, and connecting veterans to jobs is one of the largest road blocks.”For the new job opportunities in Maine that are out there we’ve got to do everything we can to match up those jobs with our veterans who are unemployed and get then to work again,” Michaud said. Maine has a large veteran population living in rural areas, making communication a challenge.”Try to connect the career centers with job opportunities with a veteran who is unemployed and try to get those messages out there,” Michaud said.