Residents Of Harmony Step Up To Help Grieving Widow Heal 

Small towns in Maine are said to be havens of kindness. A town with a population of just 939 Harmony seems to fit that mold perfectly.Sunday, July 14th is a day that Holly Witt will never forget. It’s the day her husband William went fishing on Great Moose Lake in Hartland and never returned. One of the the first, in what would become a seemingly endless line of supporters coming to her aid, was Lt. Kevin Adam of the Maine Warden Service.”He let me know what he was seeing,” Holly Witt said. “That he had seen this before and ‘we hope we’re wrong Holly’. You think you can’t take that but you can. Because it helps you to face what’s coming. I had hopes they would find him in the woods but that didn’t happen.”While divers spent two days searching the lake for her husband, folks from Harmony were doing whatever was necessary to help one of their own cope.”Monday morning friends started arriving,” Witt said. “In fact, some were here that night because the game warden wouldn’t let me be by myself. And it was non-stop for two weeks. Non-stop. Food, drink, water, hugs, love, tears, stories.”And it didn’t stop there. Whatever Holly needed those around her made it happen.”Friends from Dixfield and from Harmony brought in campers for us. Lumberjack Lodges opened their business for my kids to stay in at no charge. That was amazing. I have a small home. There was no room. They would have been sleeping under the stars.”Many of us have heard tales about the kindness of small town Mainers before.”I had, you know with the Stutzman family when they lost their daughter. With the Lake family. But I assumed that was because they were from here. Bill and I were transplants. I mean I’m from maine, he’s a flat lander. But there was no difference. I was treated exactly the same as everyone else.”Holly Witt lost her husband that day but she takes solace in knowing he passed away doing what he loved.”He loved to be there. He found peace and tranquility there. Bill suffered from PTSD horrifically. He was a Khe Sanh vet. He went there to just be at peace. And if I had to choose a place for my husband to die that would have been it.”But through tragedy Holly Witt gained an extended family.”My first thought after Bill died was to run away. But that’s not gonna happen. This is my home. This is where Bill wanted to be. He was very much at peace here.”