Central Maine Home Builder Touts Benefits Of “Micro-homes” 

While the real estate market is slowly on the mend in Maine, a central Maine home builder Andy Vear just may have stumbled onto the next small thing.If Vear has his way, the American dream of owning a big, spacious home could be changing. Vear’s latest creation is on display on Cool street in Waterville. It’s 624-square-foot micro-home that’s being sold for just $89,900. Vear and his partner Caleb Albert put the home up in just a few weeks.”The first six days is when we put the whole shell up,” Albert said. “Sided roof and everybody thought the house was done. But they didn’t know if it was an office or not.”A peek inside the pint-sized home shows you there’s not one inch of wasted space. From the closet space, to the attic storage, and even the Murphy bed hidden in the living room wall. Vear says the most attractive feature of these homes is just how inexpensive they are to heat.”I’m estimating it costs on a yearly basis heat and hot water somewhere around the $500 range. Again that’s an estimate but I’m sure I’m not too far off the mark.”This is only the second micro-home these two have built but they say word is starting to spread.”We’ve already got one right now that we’re looking to build and the only difference is they’re actually going to attach a garage that they’re asking to put on the side of it,” Albert said. “Granted the garage is almost the same size as the house because a couple vehicles can park inside the house.”The diminutive homes seem to be gaining in popularity nationwide with folks looking to tighten their belts during uncertain economic times.”It’s just downsizing,” Vear said. “It’s like when Toyota and Honda came to this country back in the 70’s everybody laughed at the clown cars. But they’re here to stay. There’s a niche here. I think it’s a growing trend throughout the country. It’s not for everybody but it’s certainly for somebody.”