9 Year Old Boy Killed in Port Clyde Crash Identified 

We now know the names of the people involved in a deadly car crash in Port Clyde. Deputies say Cheryl Torgerson, 61, of New York, was driving by Monhegan Boat Landing on Sunday afternoon when she lost control of her car. Torgerson reportedly ran into another car, accelerated, pinned Jonathan Coggeshall, 68, of Port Clyde, to a building, and then hit six more parked cars and a family of four who were walking. Dylan Gold, 9, of Cohasset, Massachusetts, was killed. His mother, Allison, and brother Wyatt, 6, were flown to a hospital. Allison reportedly had surgery Monday morning and Wyatt is reportedly stable. Howard Gold, the father, was not hurt. Coggeshall is still in a hospital, we don’t know his condition. Police are trying to figure out how the crash happened and have not said if there will be any charges.