Maine-Made Memorial Heads to Newtown 

”It’s just amazing, when I had the vision and the dreams I didn’t know it was going to be like this, emotion wise,” said Richard Gray, the memorial’s creator.Emotions were strong as the granit stone representing the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting stopped in Bangor. “It was just heart wrenching to know the parents losing their beloved children. It’s very moving and I’m just happy to have been able to see it,” said Chris Treadwell, who stopped to see the memorial. After the tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut last December, Gray, a Gouldsboro native, knew he had to do something: and that his 7-year-old daughter would help. “And then he said were gonna make a project, and I said, awesome!” Jaydn said.”In one of my visions I saw that the writing was in childrens’ handwriting… so I sat my seven year old daughter down and she wrote the names in crayon and I liked that idea and then I said, Jaydn let’s switch it up, and we’ll do you know like every other letter. We got one and a half names into it and realized right then and there that was how it was going to be,” Gray said.The stone became a father-daughter task for Jaydn and her dad… honoring those who could no longer have relationships like their’s. “If I got hurt my dad would really miss me and that’s how their parents feel,” Jaydn explained. The Rock of Angels memorial was finished in two and a half months, and was an effort of several Mainers, from carving out the stone, to the metal angels on the base.”This is a Maine thing. This is everybody in Maine helping, it’s not just one little town it’s the whole state,” Gray said. Gray will ride with the stone from Maine to Connecticut, and hopes it will bring healing to the Newtown families and community. “The people from Maine I mean we live by that, we live by love your neighbor, and everybody here does. And this speaks volumes. Connecticut is 400 and some odd miles away, yet here we are, taking this to Connecticut.”