Waterfront Concerts Committee Meets for First Time 

The cool sounds of Kenny Chesney drew thousands to Bangor Wednesday night.A slightly smaller group gathered just up the road to discuss a problem stemming from events like that.The first meeting of the Waterfront Concerts Committee was held at City Hall.The 5 person panel was formed following last month’s heated hearing on noise levels.Their mission is to better understand the concerns of those affected by the noise and brainstorm ways to resolve them.The appointed members hope to then bring a series of recommendations to the city council by next fall.That is when their contract with Waterfront Concerts expires.Some of the ideas being tossed around are purchasing sound proof curtains, extending the roof of the stage, and hiring a sound engineer.Committee chair Sheila Pechinski said, “We have talked about engineering issues and I am not an engineer but hopefully there are sound experts who can give us some advice as to how to control the sound effectively so that we can continue to have the concerts which are obviously a wonderful benefit to our community.”After the meeting, attendees were invited to tour the area’s most affected by the noise and evaluate the issue.The Parks and Rec. van took them to places like Cameron Stadium and Little City Park. The group will meet again in two weeks.