Old Schoolhouse in Knox Finds New Home in Thorndike 

An old two-room schoolhouse in Knox has a new home tonight. The entire building crossed the town line to settle into a spot in Thorndike, where it will, one day, come back to life. With each hoof step, a piece of the past in Knox is moving closer to a new future.And no one may be more surprised here then Arthena Keller.”I thought I’d fall apart – hahaha”Keller was one of the teachers in this two room schoolhouse, more than half a century ago.”No power, no water, they put in an oil stove to heat which had a habit of blowing soot all over the place, every once in awhile.”Clayton Larrabee, Knox Historical Society members, says “We don’t have anymore left. We had another one in town that I went to school in and that’s gone and that disappeared years ago. And there’s other towns. And I’m to blame for some of that, I helped take some of them down.”Now Larrabee, his team of horses and a lot of other people with the Knox Historical Society are getting credit for moving the 1898 building across town to Thorndike. It’ll go right next to Mount View High School, to be restored and used to house local artifacts. Shirley Bessey, who owns the land for the schoolhouse’s new home, says “This is supposed to become an educational center and I want people to know, especially the youngsters coming up, to know how the folks did things earlier.”Once this heavy lifting is done, it’s expected to take about two years before the old school is ready to open again – and open the eyes of the next generation.Resident Robert Welch says, “I think a lot of kids will go in there and they’ll say wow – this is what school was back then. So it really was unique.”Keller adds, “The kids that go to all of these big schools now, they have no idea what we went through back then. They’re interested. They really are.”