Experts Predict Blueberry Crop Size 

It’s August, and that means wild blueberries.”I love blueberry season,” say a twenty year blueberry harvester.Heavy rainfall has left some areas of the state with a small crop, while others faired well, says Blueberry Specialist with the University of Maine, David Yarborough. “Mid coast it wasn’t quite as good because they had about 10 days of rain during pollination, but Downeast we had plenty of rain.”Experts agree that overall, it should be a good season… with a harvest of more than 95-million pounds of wild blueberries. “Cool temperatures and plentiful rainfall is going to produce a good crop this year for wild blue berries,” Yarborough said.Excessive rain can cause wild blueberries to get bigger…”The rain makes then plump right up I’ve literally seen them plump right up and get bigger,” a harvester said.Wild blueberries have a different taste than cultivated ones. Maine is the largest producer of wild blueberries in the country. “In a wild blueberry field we actually have hundreds or thousands of different varieties so you take all their flavors to get her, the sweet and the sour and it gives you a much more complex mixture of berries,” Yarborough said.