Made in Maine Sandy Hook Memorial to Travel to Newtown, CT 

Richard Gray’s daughter Jayden was the first thing that came to mind when he heard about the Sandy Hook tragedy.She was the same age as many of those killed in Newtown.”She was at school and then when she went home, the bus was late, so it just sent a little bit of fear through my mind,” said Gray, a Gouldsboro native. Since that day, he has been hard at work making a dream he had about a memorial for those that passed away come to fruition.While he and his daughter live in Florida, he called up North to fulfill his vision.”Maine people are the greatest people in the world. This is where I was born. This is where I was raised. This is where my values got put into me. I knew there would people who would help me out. There was no questions asked. That’s how they are, that’s how people in Maine are,” said Gray. While a variety of businesses that donated their time and money to make this dream a reality, it was also a true father-daughter effort. The names of all the children on the memorial are in Jayden’s handwriting.”For her to understand what’s going on and to love those kids even though we didn’t meet them just shows who she is,” said Gray. Over the weekend, the public had their first chance to see the memorial during the Sullivan Daze parade.”It was amazing because everybody got to see it. It made me really really happy,” said Jayden. The “Rock of Angels” will be placed at the St. John’s Episcopal Church next to the Sandy Hook School after it makes its traveling tour from Maine to Connecticut starting on Saturday.The Grays hope Newtown community members appreciate it as much as they do.”To see it is one thing, to see it in person and touch it is a completely different thing. I mean it sends emotions through you. It’s amazing. I mean words doesn’t do it justice,” said Gray. “I think they’re going to be super duper happy and surprised we did all this work for them,” said Jayden. The memorial will stop at a few Maine fire departments for an hour each on its way to Connecticut on Saturday. It will be at the Ellsworth Fire Department at 8am, the Bangor Fire Department at 9:45am and Augusta at noon.For a list of other locations where it will stop or for more information on the memorial visit their facebook page: Sandy Hook Elementary School Memorialor visit their website: Maine Loves Sandy Hook