Consumer Contact: Ticket Sale Scams 

Russ Van Arsdale was in for our Consumer Contact segment giving viewers some tips on how to not be scammed when buying tickets to concerts and events.Some of Russ’s tips for not getting scammed when buying concert or event tickets are:Buy tickets directly from the venue or event promoter, either online or at their box office.If you are buying from a reseller, find one associated with the original ticket seller, the venue, or the concert prompter and make sure to research the seller. Never wire money to buy tickets.Use payment methods that come with buyer protection.Examine your tickets to make sure they are authentic. Authentic tickets will sometimes have a hologram or colored paper between the front and back.Check the seating chart of the venue, to varify the seats actually do exist.For more tips you can check out Northeast Contact’s Blog at Or the Federal Trade Commissions website at