Bangor Humane Society Runs Back To School Special 

As we approach the dog days of summer.The Bangor Humane Society has more dogs than they do adopters.And they are full with cats also.They have more than 100 cats and kittens up for adoption, and another 50 dogs available.And there is a waiting list for both dogs and cats to be surrendered by their current owners as well.And it is problem that can quickly grow, according to Stacey Coventry the Public Relations Manager for Bangor Humane Society”Cats can have four litters a year, they have multiple kittens per litter, and then kittens can start having their own litters by four months of age, and people don’t realize once you start to do that math and this warmer season we just start to get lots of babies in.”To help ease the amount of animals they are running a back to school special for the month of August.All cats seven months or older have an adoption fee of only five dollars.Adult large breed dogs seven months or older are a name your own fee with a minimum of twenty five dollars.If you’d like to find out more about the program or the animals they have, you can visit their website.