Air National Guard Helps Bangor Land Trust 

Crews started Monday by digging holes and shoveling dirt in Bangor.Members of the Bangor Land Trust got some help from six members of the Maine Air National Guard and other volunteers who helped dig post holes for a new fence and entrance to a trail off Essex Street.They also spread gravel out to fix ruts in the trail and make it easier for walkers to get started on their way through the woods.This is a mile and half long trail that doesn’t connect to the rest of the area yet, it just loops back, but this is part of a much larger vision for members of the Bangor Land Trust, according to their President Lucy Quimby. “For the whole project it means that more people will be able to enjoy this area and get to know it, and it’s, you know when you’re putting a puzzle together you’re always glad to find a piece, and this is a piece of the larger puzzle.” They are planning a grand opening Tuesday the 13th.For more information visit their website.