Final Day of Fun at Bangor State Fair 

Sunday marks the final day of the Bangor State Fair festivities.For most of the day, the rain avoided washing out the final day of fun.Around 48,000 people attended the fair this year.Mike Dyers, General Manager of the Bangor State Fair, says fair goers were pleased by the fair’s new layout this year and the return of the ferris wheel.”It’s been a good run. We’ve had weather problems, but that goes with the territory. I suspect we won’t be really where we would have liked to have been because we lost the first Friday and really had the second Friday not be terribly productive. As an artistic effort, it’s been a real success,” said Dyer. “I came with my parents and my brother. I’ll probably come back with them again. This place is fun. I like the games some of the rides,” said 10-year-old Ian from Lincoln. Dyer says the ultimate operating profit from the fair helps subsidize operations at the Old Bangor Auditorium and now the new Cross Insurance Center.If you haven’t made it to the fair yet, it closes Sunday night at 8pm.