A Wish Granted 

The rainy Saturday morning in Augusta didn’t stop Make-A-Wish Maine from granting 17-year-old Kate McPherson her wish of owning a motorbike. “She has many members of her extended family that are showing up that she has no idea are coming and you know her mom has been in on this whole thing, so it’s been quite a job to keep all this a surprise from her,” said Tom Peaco with Make-A-Wish. The Eagles hold a motorcycle ride to support Make-A-Wish every year. They thought there would be no better time or place to surprise Kate than just before taking off for their 100 mile ride. “Without the rain it’s still not a dry eye in the house when it happens you know it’s just unbelievable,” said Tom Dorsey, one of the riders. When Kate’s surprise rolled into the parking lot, she couldn’t believe her eyes. “I was not expecting this at all,” Kate said. Kate’s mom Judy says after watching her daughter fight a terrible disease, today is like a dream come true.”It’s really overwhelming, I’m just so very happy because she is like in heaven right now, she’s been through so much dealing with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and chemotherapy, so this is really important for her,” she said. A huge crowd showed up to support Kate, making the day, and the surprise, a roaring success”It just means everything. Honestly, it just makes my world. I’ve wanted this my whole life and it’s just amazing it’s just like so surprising that people actually care this much, and you just think when you go through something like this that you’re going through it alone but you’re really not and there’s a lot of people there to support you,” Kate said.