AFFIDAVIT: Morse Murdered Bellitieri and Stole His Identity 

A man from Trenton accused of killing a man and passing himself off as the victim went before a judge today for the first time. 43-year-old William Morse was arrested yesterday after police went looking for him in Dedham.Morse eluded authorities by sneaking out of a house and taking off in a car headed toward Ellsworth. Morse is charged with the murder of 61-year-old Richard Bellittieri.Carlton Mitchell originally sold Bellitieri land in Trenton. “The only thing I know is I sold him the piece of property… He’d come in and out of the store while he was building about a year or so and I haven’t seen him since,” said Mitchell.Police believe that Bellitieri was killed sometime between June and October of last year. They arrested Morse for allegedly driving drunk in Bellittieri’s car. Police believe he killed Bellittieri and then used his identity to rent out the victims house. “I saw an ad on Craig’s list that was in our price range so I went over and I interviewed with, who turns out now to be William Morse, who at the time introduced himself as and thereafter as Richard Bellittieri,” says Pete Neblett who rented from Morse. Neblett says he had no idea his landlord was using another man’s identity until the police came to his house asking him to identify Bellitieri in a photo.“I was honestly very confused I thought maybe the police department had something wrong and you know a file was mixed up, cause this was a guy that I had known as Richard, I thought that’s who it was, and then turns out, it wasn’t,” Neblett said. Court documents say Morse is the only person who claims to have seen or spoken to Bellittieri in the past year.Police say they have video footage of Morse taking money from Bellitieri’s bank account. Neblett says Morse was a hands-off landlord. “I didn’t see him much, he stopped by to collect rent, that was about it, fairly hands off as far as the renting situation. I just paid my rent and he collected and that was all,” Neblett said. According to court documents, police contacted the victim’s ex-wife and asked her to listen to voice recordings of Mores—who at the time was claiming to be Bellitieri. “After the OUI arrest and they were trying to figure out who was who, there was an issue of impersonation or false identification,” Neblett said. Over the weekend, police searched Bellittieri’s property on Goose Cove Road and found his remains. Court documents say he’d been shot four timesNeblett says he could’ve never imagined this. “Never. It’s something out of a book or a movie it doesn’t seem like real life.”The court documents also say Bellittieri’s body was covered in potting soil and a large tree had been cut down on top of him. We don’t know for sure how he died. Morse is scheduled to appear in court in October, and is being held without bail at the Hancock County Jail. The Attorney General’s Office is expected to release more information in the case later this month.