Hermon Among The Most Business Friendly In Maine 

Hermon seems to be a nice place to do business.”I did my research about Hermon and found out it is an up and coming town. Hermon was the best place I thought to do business and I wasn’t wrong. I proved to be right,” said Faouzi Tilli, the owner of the Hermon State Farm Insurance Agency.Dustin Littlefield recently took over the Pizza Guy and Son in the Danforth Shopping Complex and agrees with his neighbor.”It’s been great, so far, everybody in the plaza has been over to introduce themselves, and it’s been good,” said Littlefield.Same with the coveys who opened their physical therapy practice last year.”We’ve really been welcomed into Hermon very nicely. The community seems to really appreciate that there’s a therapy practice here and our growth has been really tremendous. The town’s been great to work with,” said Anne Covey.It seems fitting that just across town in the Coldbrook Business Park, Hermon has was certified as a business friendly town by the state Department of Economic and Community Development.”They concluded and we agree that Hermon is a very business friendly community and we’ve a lot if programs and provisions in place to make it that way,” said Ron Harriman, Economic Development Director for the town of Hermon.Putting a stamp on that certification is the announcement of a 2-acre Fedex facility.”We have a new FedEx distribution center that will be open next year,” said Harriman.It’s moves like these that are why the department says Hermon deserve this title.”Hermon has the right attitude towards doing business in Maine and they decided to make sure that the rest of Maine knew that. We want to see our population skyrocket and our economy move forward and maybe the private sector can play ball with us. That’s what this is all about,” said George Gervais, Commissioner of the Deptartment of Economic and Community Development.The 850,000 square foot Fedex distribution facility in the business park is expected to open June 2014.Belfast, Caribou, and South Portland were also named business friendly communities.