Fire Chief Wants Greenville Train Tracks Inspected After Quebec Derailment 

After the train accident in Quebec that claimed 50 lives a local fire chief is asking that tracks running through his town be inspected.Greenville Fire Chief John Simko says the same train that crashed in July in Lac-Megantic was scheduled to go through Greenville the next day.He says more trains carrying crude oil have passed through Greenville.He recently sent a letter to Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway’s president requesting local tracks are inspected.”Our fears are compounded by the fact that in the mid to late 90’s, there were three separate train derailments right in the downtown area. Those derailments were caused due to problems with the track. The track itself was in poor condition, and resulted in derailment, so it’s that concern, that reality, that those trains derailed due to poor condition of track in Greenville that prompted the letter I sent asking that they inspect the section of track that goes through Greenville to prevent this type of accident from happening in our town,” said Simko.Simko says that a representative from MMA told him that the letter is on the way to the president of the railway.We reached out to MMA and have yet to hear back from the company.