Mother And Son From Unity Gearing Up To Deploy To Afghanistan Together 

A member of the Maine Army National Guard, Specialist Parker is getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan.With patriotism being an important part of life for many in Unity, they’re honoring him, and his family, with Blue Star Service banners to proudly hang on their home while he’s away.His mother couldn’t be prouder. Maybe that’s because she’s going to be serving right along side of him.”I’ll be getting to take my mother with me,” said Parker.”We’re both going together, which is such a source of pride for me, you can’t even begin to imagine,” said Holly Parker, specialist with the Maine Army National Guard.Serving in the same unit and deploying at the same time is a part of her life she says she’ll never forget.”I’ve always had that burning desire to serve my country, and to know that I can answer this call is just a source of pride, and to have my son want to do that as well, and to be able to go, and to have him side by side serving with me, it’s just an amazing opportunity,” said Holly Parker.”It’s actually rather comforting. To just have that extra person with you,” said Andrew Parker.As a husband and father, Randal Parker couldn’t be prouder.”I’m very proud of the fact that they’re both going, and it’s good that they get to go together, from my experience in deploying alone, to have them both go, at least they’ll have each other over there. It’s a pretty unique thing for me, because in the last 24 years, they’ve followed me around, basically. I’ve always been the one to leave, so it’s going to be interesting,” said Randal Parker, Sergeant First Class, Maine Army National Guard.The two expect to be deploying soon.