Kids get School Supplies Shopping Spree 

Target and the Salvation Army partnered to give some lucky kids a school supplies shopping spree, Friday30 kids got their pick of school supplies, completely free, thanks to Target and the Salvation Army. Christopher Reynolds, a 4th grader says he will need the supplies for the 4th grade. “New grade, new challenges, and when I get, I get new stuff for this year and I might have them next year,” Christopher said.Each child got to spend 81 dollars. “It’s fun just thinking of what stuff you can get, cause you get to decide,” said 6th grader Abby Elwell Commors. 12,000 Target stores nationwide participate in the event, giving a million dollars to needy kids. “I think it’s really cool because a lot of people can’t really afford to go and get their own stuff, so this really helps other kids,” said Abby.The shopping spree got kids ready for the first day of school. “Kind of nervous, but awesome…Everybody’s going to know that I like superman right off the bat,” Christopher said.The Salvation Army recruited volunteers to escort the kids around the store and help them stay on budget. “This is a huge difference for some families, getting a kid into school it’s not cheap, it takes a lot of money just to get them ready to start the school year and make sure they’re successful,” said Drew Matlins, a volunteer. In the checkout line, Christopher waited anxiously as he watched his new supplies add up. His gratitude added up too, “I think they’re really nice people,” Christopher said.