Court Documents: Man Accused Of Murdering Detroit Man On Drugs & Told Friend “I hit him with a pipe” 

The man accused of beating a man to death in Detroit last week was high on drugs and admitted to a friend he beat the victim with a pipe. This according to court documents.22-year-old Jason Cote made his first appearance in court Friday. He’s charged with murdering 47-year-old Ricky Cole in his mobile home on Main Street in Detroit last week.A judge ordered Cote held without bail for now, but a bail hearing is expected in the coming weeks. Cote spoke only once during the proceeding. When asked by the judge if he had any questions he replied, “No.”According to court documents, Cote’s friend, David Lafleur of Palmyra, found Cole’s body and called police. Lafleur went to Cole’s house after he and his girlfriend, Amy Tarr, also of Palmyra, suspected Jason Cote had killed Cole. Lafleur told police Cote had snorted Xanax and Methadone the day of the murder and he dropped Cote off at the victim’s house because he wanted to pick up more drugs.Later that night, a passerby who lives in Detorit told police he stopped for a deer in the roadway near the crime scene around 8:30 that night and saw a man matching Cote’s description “struggling with his clothing, looking disoriented, and was red in the face.”A short time later, Lafleur told police he returned to pick Cote up after he called requesting a ride. Lafleur told police that while he was approaching Cole’s house, Cote appeared from the wooded side of the roadway about a half mile from the crime scene. Lafleur told police Cote was “real sweaty” and told Lafleur he had done something “[expletive] up and can’t talk about it.” According to witnesses, Lafleur returned home with Cote around 9:00 p.m., about 30 minutes after the witness reported seeing someone matching Cote’s description in the driveway of the victim Ricky Cole. Other friends and family who interacted with Cote that night and the next day describe him as “antsy.”According to court documents, Cote stayed that night at Lafleur’s home that he shares with his girlfriend Amy Tarr on the Dogtown Road in Palmyra. The next morning, Tarr told police she confronted Cote about about what had happened the night before. Court Documents:”What the [expletive] did you do to Rick?” Tarr asked.”I hit him with a pipe,” Cote allegedly responded.State Police investigators later conducted a search of the trailer Cote was living in on Hurds Corner in Palmyra. Stashed under the plastic skirting of an empty trailer on the same property police found a pair of camouflage shorts, a tan belt, blue t-shirt, black and white sneakers and white Nike socks. The items all had blood stains on them and were all sent to the Maine State Police Crime Laboratory in Augusta.A Forensic DNA Analyst matched the DNA from the waistband of the shorts to the accused Jason Cote. DNA taken from the blood stains on the clothing matched the victim, Ricky Cole.Cote’s next court appearance has not been scheduled yet. Defense attorneys Philip Mohlar and John Alsop are still reviewing the evidence against him. Assistant Attorney General Andrew Benson is the lead prosecutor on the case.