Bicyclists Motivated To Keep Riding After Reported Rape 

Police are still looking for two men accused of raping a woman in Canaan earlier this month.State Police say a woman riding her bicycle on Whitten Road told them she was pulled off her bike and attacked.When two avid bicyclists heard about it, they wanted to do something to support the woman and bring the cycling community together.”We love riding these roads and it’s such a part of me. I can’t give it up, but it makes you very afraid,” said Christine Nichols. What they plan to do to face that fear is do what they know best…bike. Saturday they hope people join them, on their “Keep Riding Our Roads” bike ride.”I encourage people to come out, any ability to get out there and show support for the community. Show support for this woman who was assaulted and the women who assisted her. I mean theIr lives have been changed forever,” said Nichols. “I think this group is just taking back the community and taking back cycling and taking back everything we feel is taken away when something like this happens. Anytime we have anything that happens in our communities, we want people to understand this shouldn’t change how you do things. You still do your life, you still be the way that you are and don’t let things like that scare you. If carrying pepper spray or mace helps keep you feel safe, then by all means do what you have to do said Brianna Bryant, Community Educator with Rape Response Services. “For me, as a person, I have to believe and be reminded constantly that there is more goodness and love in the world than there is violence and harm, and so this is a great way to be reminded that. To build a sense of community and gather people together, so that fear is not a thing that we’re left with,” said another event coordinator. The bike ride starts at 10am on SaturdayRiders will meet at Fedco Trees, 213 Hinckley Road in Clinton.Cyclists of all skill levels are welcomed. There will be a 10-to-15 mile short loop, then a longer loop for those wishing to continue.Bring your own food and water.For more information, check out their Facebook page: Keep Riding Our Roads