Trial Of Former Chelsea Selectwoman Facing Multiple Charges Continues 

The trial of former Chelsea town official Carole Swan continued in Bangor Wednesday. Swan is accused of theft and fraud.Back on the stand, Swan said she lied to police when initially questioned, and it was all part of her undercover investigation of a local contractor who she says approached her to overbill the town.She says she lied because she was afraid of her abusive husband. Swan said, “I knew it was wrong to lie to them, but all I could think about was getting out and getting ahold of my husband.”She said, “I thought it was easier to lie to them than to deal with what was at home.”During questioning, the prosecution touched on the extortion, tax evasion, and fraud charges.Swan said she still has $10,000 in kickbacks she received from the local contractor who wanted her to overbill the town. Swan said her husband hasn’t done anything wrong that’s connected to the charges against her.As for tax evasion, she said from 2006 to 2010, she was under the impression any mistakes would be brought to her attention, and cleared up through her accountant.Swan says she can read, but she cannot retain information.She said she signed many documents without knowing what she was really signing, saying “I didn’t read it, and I am guilty of that.”Swan said in court Wednesday her attitude about facing these charges has changed because she has cancer, she’s already lived in prison, and she can live in prison again.The trial continues Thursday.