Revitalization Ahead for Bangor’s Westside 

Bangor’s west-side neighborhood could be getting a face-lift.”We think this neighborhood need s an identity of its own, it deserves an identity of its own,” says Town Planning Consultant Evan Richert. Part of that identity could include a more appealing 2nd Street park, better access to a more walk-able main street, and improved home ownership.The plan is to increase visibility, and make the pathway to Shaw’s feel safer. Richert says the park is key to the neighborhood’s success.”If people come to feel comfortable in this park, and it’s theirs, and they’re proud of it, and they would be glad to let their children be here, than this neighborhood will have found its way back,” Richert said. Richert and his team will present a final report for the plan in a few weeks. It will include a plan to connect Main Street to the downtown.”We are proposing a redesign of Main Street that would create a boulevard effect. It would include planted median strips,” Richert Explained. Federal funding will support the project, along with some private investment, and officials say increased property value won’t alienate current residents.”Our intent is to really make this a better, more safe, secure neighborhood we don’t want people to have the negative impact of increased property values effecting their ability to pay taxes. It’s something that the council is very sensitive to, the city staff is very sensitive to as well and so we’re really working to make sure that that doesn’t become a negative unintended consequence of making some improvements in the neighborhood,” says Interim Director for Community and Economic Development, Tanya Emery.