Some People Complain About Noise from Waterfront Concerts 

Anyone who has been to a concert knows it can be loud, but are the shows at the Bangor waterfront too noisy? Some people say yes. During the concerts we hear from a lot of excited patrons, but not everyone shares the enthusiasm. ” The biggest complaint we receive is about noise,” said Tracy Willette, director of Bangor Parks and Recreation. Last year, there were 52 complaints through the season, and last week there were about 20 during one show. ” It does appear to be taste intolerance. I understand people’s concerns when there is foul language and specific music. I’ve said on record some of our loudest shows tend to yield the least amount of complaints,” said Alex Gray, concert promoter. The concert that caused the increase in complaints, was the Mayhem Festival, featuring groups like Amon Amarth and headliner Rob Zombie.” Heavy metal is good. It’s not just noise. There’s a lot of technicality to it, there’s a lot of musicianship. So it gets a bad rap, but it’s really fun to listen to,” said Nate Webster, who was at Mayhem Festival. Despite the complaints, it wasn’t the loudest concert there’s been. ” We’re monitoring noise levels at different parts of the city, at the mix position in the venue, as well as locations in Brewer,” said Willette. ” When you have the amount of growth that Bangor’s had in the last few years, you’re going to have some growing pains along with that and I think that’s what we’re experiencing now,” said Ben Sprague, a Bangor city councilor. Studies show the concerts have brought in more than $30,000,000 in the last two-and-a-half years, and for the people who go to the shows, it brings fun. ” It’s only a few hours throughout the summer. We’re getting top quality acts from throughout the country. Portland doesn’t have this. We have this,” said Paul Fickett. For concert organizers, the success outweighs the negative feedback. ” We’re always going to have complaints, no matter what we do ultimately,” said Gray. All of the complaints, even ones called into the Bangor Police Department are sent to the Parks and Recreation Department. Monday evening, there is a meeting for people to talk about concert complaints. The meeting is at Bangor City Hall at 6pm.