Bangor Residents Sound Off On Concert Noise 

The waterfront concert series brings thousands to Bangor, and in turn, draws a lot of money into the local economy. That doesn’t seem to bother anyone. But the decibel level is a different story. Some say it’s just too loud. That was the topic of a city council work session Monday. The forum allowed members of the public to speak about how the concert noise affects them, for two minutes each. Slightly more spoke out against, what they think is, excessive sound. Parties, both for and against, consider a this “quality of life” issue in Bangor. “We are not against the concerts. We are not against the music. Believe it or not, I was in a rock band in college,” said Gerald Oleson, who just wants to see a noise reduction. “As a veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars with PTSD, I am very familiar with those effects and I am also quite a fan of the kind of music that was played at the Mayhem Festival and I think we’re dancing around an issue of this is an attack on one genre of music,” added Jason Foley of Bangor. At the meeting, City Solicitor Norm Heitman mentioned that waterfront concert noise is regulated by the DEP, and isn’t held to the same municipal sound restrictions as other events. All complaints are directed towards the Department of Parks and Recreation at 992-4490.