A “Reel” Fun Day in Stonington to Honor Fishermen 

Commercial Fish Pier in Stonington was packed with people honoring local fishermen.”We have good weather, good food, a good event. Thousands of people are here so we’re just having a really good time,” said Suzy Shepard, a member of the “Fishermen’s Wives Association.”Sunday was the 24th Annual Fishermen’s Day. “Twenty four years ago we had a baby shower. A bunch of girls got together and we had just two of our fisherman so weeks apart. The town was pretty devastated, and it was just a bunch of girls sitting around what can we do, and so Fishermen’s Wives were born,” said Shepard. The almost two dozen “Fishermen’s Wives” use the money raised throughout the day to help local fishermen and their families who are going through hard times, whether it be a boat that’s run aground or kids that need to go to college, or who may even want to get into the fishing biz.”We just want to support the fishermen that we’re all married to and live in the town,” said Julia Trundy, another member of the “Fishermen’s Wives Assocaition.” Locals and tourists ate seafood, played games, and even participated in some masked maritime competitions.”This is my first time and I hope it’s not the last because this is lovely, lovely. It’s so idyllic and scenic and the lobster is wonderful,” said Sue Weaver, who is visiting from Ohio. “It’s wonderful. It gets everybody out. It’s a family affair. Our kids, my kids have been doing it since they were 5 and now they’re 30 and 28,” said Trundy. What had most people hooked: the grilled shark. Julia Trundy surely didn’t have too much trouble reeling customers in. “It started as a joke. My husband brought in a few sharks and we didn’t know what to do with it. Throw it on a charcoal grill and we’ve been here ever since. I don’t know what the draw is people just love it and all the locals come,” said Trundy, who is better know as “The Shark Lady.” “This is a huge community event and when the community comes together it I very special,” said Shepard.