24th Annual Open Farm Day 

Mainers got to explore farms throughout the state on Sunday. It was the 24th Annual Open Farm Day where close to one-hundred farms opened their gates to the public.The day allows visitors to learn more about Maine and Maine food producers.Happy Town Farm in Orland was one of these welcoming farms.”It’s great. We’ve been doing almost since the beginning. We maybe missed one or two years It’s great to have people come, see the farm, and ask questions and learn where the food came from, how it’s grown. A lot of people, they have kids and they want to see the animals. Other people want to learn how to grow vegetables organically. Other people are just curious, out for a day in the country,” said Paul Volckhausen, co-owner of Happy Town Farm. The owners of Happy Town Farm will never forget the first Open Farm Day.One of their workers forgot to shut a gate the night before, and their sheep got out and ate all of their broccoli and cabbage.Leaving visitors to view quite a vegetable crop disaster.